You said YES to Style School!

And now... it's time to GET EXCITED.

sss banner 4.jpg

The first thing I want you to do is... 

  • pop on over to Facebook and "friend" me HERE! My name is Stasia Savasuk. I'm the only Stasia Savasuk on Facebook, so I should be easy to find! (We need to be FRIENDS before I can invite you into our secret Facebook group.)

Then, before class starts, I want you to... 

  • start thinking about your Style Story. We'll get more into it during Week 1 of Style School, but it's good to get those wheels churning now. Think back as far as you can remember, and see what memories pop up.

Now, sit back, take some deep breaths if you're feeling nervous, and get ready... because we're gonna have some FUN!

Class officially begins on Monday, September 24th, but you'll hear from me before then! Keep your eyes on your inbox.  

I can't WAIT to know you! 

xo Stasia

PS. Just a reminder that the second half of your Style School payment will be auto-withdrawn exactly five weeks from today so you don't even need to think about it!