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I broke up with "style" many years ago, because I didn't understand how style worked.

Sure it was fun when I was a teenager. Oh gosh I remember how good I felt in my senior high school pictures! I loved my white denim-jacket-with-the-orange-polka-dots, my permed hair and my blue eye liner! And the denim shorts I got at the GAP. Oh gosh I was ON FIRE! 


But that was when I was young and athletic and strong and... let's be honest, skinny. That was before I had cellulite. Before I had babies. Before my body changed. 

And as I got older, I continued to dress my body just as I had done as a 16 years old. Except nothing worked. Nothing fit. And every single time I went shopping, I'd end up standing in the fitting room with a whole bunch of nothing in a puddle of tears.

I just knew my body was the problem. 

So I spent the better part of my twenties and thirties wearing fleece, muffin-top jeans and sneakers. I convinced myself that "it's what was on the INSIDE that matters". 

And I lost my laugh.

People used to think I was shy. But I wasn't shy... I was lacking confidence. Hiding. Afraid to be seen. 

074 Ihlara Valley.JPG
I wore fleece. On vacation. To Istanbul.

I didn't know there was such a thing as dressing for your body shape. I knew I was pear, but all that meant to me was that I had small boobs and a big butt. Big help THAT was.

I was NEVER taught the BASIC TENETS OF STYLE... and I'm guessing nobody ever taught you either.

RULE NUMBER ONE - Size doesn't matter. Shape does!

If your body is the shape of a triangle, and you keep trying to squeeze it into clothes that are shaped like a rectangle, your clothes will not fit you. You can go up a size or down a size... it doesn't matter.  A rectangle will never fit a triangle.


triange in a rectangle.jpg
triangle girls.jpg
Happy Triangle Girl1.jpg


Once I figured this out, my life actually changed.

When I started wearing clothes that FIT MY BODY, I started feeling good IN MY BODY. And when I started feeling good in my body, I started laughing out loud again. 

I stopped hiding. I stopped trying to blend in. I stopped hating on my body.

And then I started experimenting with different STYLES. And oh I tried them all. And I started noticing that some clothes made me feel lazy, cheap, fake, boring, uninspired. Whereas others made me feel ALIVE, VIBRANT, BRAVE and FIERCE.

But I couldn't make the connection. There seemed to be a secret formula, and I didn't get it. 

Until this happened...  (grab a tissue, then click to watch)


Whoa, right?

This was my scholarship video for an online program called B-School that I did a few years ago (when I was blogging over at Thrift Me Pretty)... and holy smokes I still can't believe this moment was captured on camera.  

It is my WHY.

Magazines don't teach us this stuff. It's too big. It takes work. And it's exactly what Style School is all about. 

It's why my before and after looks like this:

Stasia Savasuk

I'm almost 15 years OLDER in the AFTER picture. And I weigh about 20 more pounds. 

I feel better, bolder, braver NOW than I did in my 30's, and that's an incredible feeling.

When I changed my pants... (literally!!) my life changed. When I was in my 30's, I would NEVER have imagined I'd have the confidence to start my own business. Let alone a business about STYLE. Where I have to put MY FACE out there, day after day, on social media. 

When you flex your BRAVE muscle in your closet... there is no telling what you might do!  

Now is YOUR TIME sisters, and I can teach you! I mean seriously... if I can learn this stuff, SO CAN YOU!  

Ok. I'm convinced. SIGN. ME. UP!


Two Payments of 


(budget friendly)

One Payment of


(the best deal)

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I can't wait to meet you in Style School!