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Are you ready to WEAR YOUR SHINE?

Stasia's Style School is a 5-week online class and lifelong sisterhood that will teach you how to identify
YOUR own personal and unique style so you can be the BRAVE BOLD BEAUTIFUL woman that you are...

No more headaches. No more heart ache. No more crying in the fitting room.
No more thinking your body is the problem. 
No more thinking that your outfit is "good enough".
And no more fighting with you closet!

I need to scream it out loud, jumping up and down on the sofa, shaking my groove-thing, sprinkling confetti about and popping cava corks... I LOVE LOVE LOVE THIS COURSE! The insights and newfound “like” of myself... the confidence... WOW... the CONFIDENCE... is all so wonderful, but more than all of that, being part of this amazing group of generous, gorgeous women!! Stasia, you have created something magical here! Thank you, gracias, merci... THANK YOU!!!!!!!!
— Candy Lee

Week 1. Soul Style

September 16 - September 22

Achieving what I call Inside-Out Congruency is at the CENTER of identifying your personal style, which is why it's the first thing we cover in Style School. 

In WEEK ONE, you will create a list of POWER WORDS that best represent the essence of WHO YOU ARE ON THE INSIDE, and you'll use those words as your north star. 

Seem simple? Not so fast. Sound impossible? Not even close. I've designed a series of exercises to help you sort through this process of discovery with ease, wonder, and a whole lot of fun!

Week 2. Revel-YOU-tion

September 23 - September 29

We will work to Rename, Reframe + Unshame the way we talk about our bodies!

You will say OUT LOUD what you love about your body, then I will teach you my favorite trick of DECORATING, ADORNING, and EMBELLISHING what you LOVE.

Confused by those apple/banana/pear body shape classifications? Me too. Which is why I've come up with an easier and MORE INTUITIVE way for you to understand what works on YOUR BODY!

Wonder why your sweaters are too long and your jeans give you muffin top? I'll teach you the basics of Body Length Proportion and why it matters.

Week 3. Color + Pattern

september 30 - october 6

COLOR, believe it or not, is more important than fit, because it's the first thing that people see when they look at you. Itty bitty detail. Epic cosmic power. In this course, you will learn how to identify YOUR power colors so that you are wearing your colors, and they are not WEARING you! 

You will also learn the very simple major-minor rule of pattern mixing, which I can almost guarantee will revolutionize your wardrobe!  

Week 4. Discovering Your Power Accessory

october 7 - october 13

I believe unequivocally that accessories (and a brilliant smile) MAKE the outfit, so we will spend an entire week exploring accessories, and tapping into the power they hold.

I'll show you how to wear a scarf for your body shape. (Did you even know that was a thing?!)

We'll get personal and talk about boobies and bras because the girls deserve it.

I'll share the easiest trick in the world for choosing the right necklace length for YOUR body.

And we'll talk boots, because for many of us, winter is right around the corner!

Week 5. The Curated Closet

october 14 - october 20

The #1 reason women still struggle with their closets once they've figured out their PERSONAL STYLE , is a messy, cluttered, overstuffed closet. 

Prepare for a pep talk of MASSIVE PROPORTIONS, and a step by step tutorial on how to curate your closet, using proven strategies that if done correctly, will set the standard for a happy healthy closet for the rest of FOREVER! 

No more guilt. No more excess. No more hiding. No more obligation. No more longing. 

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Stasia is the embodiment of leading by example. I love her candor, her compassion, and the way she consistently and authentically aligns herself with each student. There is so much care she’s put into this course and it shows, not just in the experiential lessons and guides, but most profoundly in the joy she brings to each encounter. My experience in Stasia’s Style School feels like an awakening, and I dare say it’s been life-changing. I haven’t stopped gushing about this course since day 1.
— Maya Stein

Hi, I'm Stasia!

I used to shake on the inside when I met new people because I was so afraid I'd be misunderstood.

I dressed quiet when my personality was LOUD.

I WAS misunderstood, because my OUTSIDES didn't match my insides.

I considered myself a style disaster because I couldn't figure out MY style no matter how hard I tried.

Whenever I looked in the mirror, I saw ONLY my imperfections. 

I had NO idea how to dress MY body. Heck, I didn't even know dressing your body (shape) was a thing!


My Journey to Personal Style

When I discovered thrifting around 6 years ago, I started buying ALL THE THINGS. I experimented with shape, color, style, pattern and texture. I tried out all the styles... boho, classic, outdoorsy, preppy, edgy and sporty, but none of them fit me.

I noticed that on some days, I'd feel BOLDBRAVE and BEAUTIFUL!
On extra-good days, I would look in the mirror and think my body was damn near perfect.
Sometimes, the pep in my step would send my soul a whizzing, and a FIERCE LOVE would emanate from my being.  

And then other days I felt like the Frump from Frumpville.
On extra-bad days, I would look in the mirror and curse my body for being all wrong. 
Sometimes I would cry. 

Know What I Learned? 

I was going about style all wrong. I thought style was something that happened OUTSIDE of me.

When I started asking the question, WHO AM I instead of WHAT AM I GOING TO WEAR, everything shifted.

I realized that when I wore clothing that hugged my body in all the right places (aka: fit my shape), I had the courage to SMILE, SHOW UP and SHINE. But when my clothing sagged, pinched, squeezed and gave me the muffin-top, I would hide.

My body didn't change from day to day. My clothes did! 

That meant my body was NOT the problem. The clothes were. And that changed EVERYTHING!

Psst. Wanna know MORE about how this all starTed, and see PROOF that I was a true style disaster?
Click HERE.

Style School helped me find my mojo again! Before Style School I was spending a lot of time worrying about how to cover up my ever-expanding belly and bottom and trying to figure out how to hide from the world in boring and voluminous clothes! After just a couple of weeks of magical Stasia style tips, daily selfies, and an amazing group of women cheering me on, I realized that dressing as the real me was liberating, empowering, and (gasp) flattering! I looked good. And I was having a total blast. Now, I have a beautifully curated closet that makes getting dressed each day easy and best of all, FUN! I feel much more confident and focused when I shop, and a renewed sense of excitement about style, clothing, and the personal power embedded therein. Thank you thank you thank you Stasia!
— Amy Hoffman

When you SAY YES to Stasia's Style School, don't be nervous.
I've got your back!



  • Live Class Calls

Most online courses offer pre-recorded-from-three-years-ago content. I've chosen NOT TO DO THAT for this course because I want to keep the content fresh and applicable so I can integrate what's happening in the groups INTO the course content. (Plus, who wants to see me 4 hair styles ago?!) These calls are recorded so watching them live isn't necessary, BUT it's important to know that you're not receiving last year's recycled content.

  • An Incredibly Active Facebook Community

Stasia's Style School is about SO MUCH MORE than the clothes! It's a brilliant community of women who are ready to live WILDY, BOLDLY, COURAGEOUSLY! It is here where you will post outfit pics, ask Q's, celebrate bravery, and support your Style Sisters as you travel the path to discovering YOU, and your own personal style. It is a sisterhood of LOVE, SUPPORT and AWESOMENESS. You will laugh and cry. Stretch and grow. And you will do it together.

  • Daily Style Challenges

There are daily style challenges/prompts designed specifically to enhance the weekly content, allowing you to practice what you're learning, every single day that style school is in session. It provides a framework for you to shop your closet. Be incredibly BRAVE. And get wildly CREATIVE! 

  • Tons of Support

When you sign up for Style School, you will be placed into a "Sister Squad" of no more than 45 women - because COMMUNITY is what makes Style School so incredibly powerful.  Each Sister Squad is supported by me, a Style School facilitator and two Style School alum/mentors (Big Sisters). We are there to guide you, answer your Q's, offer tips, advice and suggestions, AND most importantly, to encourage you to go bigger, bolder, braver than you ever thought possible!

  • Live Q+A Sessions

Every Thursday throughout Style School, I will hop online and answer your Q's... LIVE! You will have an opportunity to submit your Q's to me via a private online portal, and I will GO LIVE every Thursday for 1 - 1.5 hours to answer those questions... because some things are best answered in real life with real words (and not via Facebook comment).

I’m honestly not exaggerating when I say Stasia’s Style School changed my life. Going through Stasia’s program last year was the single best thing I’ve done for myself since becoming a mama. It helped me rediscover who I was on a soul level, which I then reflected in my clothes so that other people could see it too. I still get dressed with intention every single morning, and it’s made such a colossal change to how I look at myself and the world.
— Elizabeth Cooper

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(budget friendly)

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Curious if Stasia's Style School is "worth it"?

Listen to what the SSS alum have to say about Style School!

Here are some A's to your Q's

+ I've never taken an online course before. Do you really think I'll learn something?

YES! Although Style School is "on-line," the course is VERY interactive. We will meet once a week for LIVE group calls and "sister-time", and if you use the Facebook group the way it's designed to be used, you will learn more in these 5 weeks than your brain can handle!

I also have worksheets for you to fill out each week, so you'll have an opportunity to do your homework when it's convenient for you. There will be videos, journaling, and documents to read, so no matter your learning style, you'll get what you need. Plus, there is magic in group camaraderie, and inspiration is a HUGE component of Style School!

+ I'm hoping to lose some weight this summer/fall. Should I wait until the winter session?

Absolutely NOT! Discovering who you are on the inside, and learning how to present that soul-fire on the outside should NOT wait until you drop a few (or a lotta) pounds. Learning to acknowledge and celebrate your own physical beauty AS YOU ARE is one of the greatest, most gracious gifts you can give yourself. In fact, it makes NOW an even better time!!

Seeing your beauty and tapping into your own inner awesome is a gateway to better self care, because when you look at yourself with love and kindness, you'll treat yourself with greater compassion and care.

If your kid said to you... Mama, I'll be kind to myself when I can fit into the skinny jeans all the girls are wearing at school, what would you say??

+ I'm a style disaster, Stasia. Is there any hope for me?

Ha! You should have seen me 6 years ago. Talk about a style disaster! I ALWAYS dreaded shopping because I NEVER knew what to buy. I never knew "my" style. I never knew what worked on my body. I never knew what colors to wear. I cried almost every time I went shopping because NOTHING fit me. I hated everything I owned and I never had anything to wear.

It can't be worse than that!

It took me years to figure out how to discover MY style, and I've bottled up that know-how and I'm gifting it to you.

+ I'm not sure I have the money to invest in this right now. I don't know what to do?

Signing up for Style School is an investment in YOU. COURAGE CONFIDENCE AND CONGRUENCY are worth far more than the $449 price tag, my friend.

Plus, if you were to pile all the clothes you don't like or wear into a pile on your bed, would the total cost come to more than $449? I'm guessing YES!

Once you know your style "formula", you can consign all that stuff and probably make back MORE than what you paid for the course! You won't waste money on stuff you don't even like EVER AGAIN!!!

+ I hate Facebook. Can I still participate in Style School?

Participating in the private Facebook community is an integral component of this class. You not only have an opportunity to become part of an emotionally uplifting sisterhood, but you also have a private platform from which to showcase your new skills, give and receive feedback, and engage in meaningful conversation as each woman navigates her way through this process. Each session a handful of gals create a Facebook account just for Style School, and then cancel their accounts once Style School is over. That is always an option if you are currently NOT on Facebook.

You may choose to journey through Style School independently, but do know that you will not receive the daily feedback, kudos and super-clever tips that you would receive if you were in the Facebook group.

I would also recommend having a way to take photos (smart phone, digital camera), and an understanding of how to post those photos to Facebook.

I am SO EXCITED, Stasia.  Sign me up RIGHT THIS SECOND!


One Payment of


(the best deal)

Two Payments of


(budget friendly)

Stasia's Style School

See you in Style School.
xoxo Stasia